Tuesday, July 23, 2019

UPDATE - A Precautionary Tale - Fake News

Modcoach was a victim of "Fake News" in one of my latest articles concerning a modular carrier.

Yes, there was an incident where an axle gave out and was chained to the carrier's frame but unlike the story I read online, the transport company followed all requirements of the code in its repair.

Yes, there was a small paperwork technicality noted by the New Hampshire State Police but whoever wrote the original article (which I used and linked to) fabricated most of it making me and the trucker the victims of "Fake News". At no time was there any concern for damage to the module or the public's safety.

I have found the regulations concerning this incident and the trucking company and driver did everything correctly. If anyone would like a copy of the specific regulation, please email me at modcoach@gmail.com

My sincere apologies to the carrier company and the trucker who drove the module through New Hampshire.

I feel terrible about this.

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