Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Grabbing a Gen Z in 8 Seconds or Less

Most of the owners and management of the commercial and modular housing industry today are over 50 years old. Not that there’s anything wrong with that as most mature industries today are run by Boomers and Gen Xers.

When is comes to marketing to Millennials, we have just begun to understand how it works. Soon Gen X and Millennials will be the titans of our industry as Boomers begin to retire or die.

At that point it will be up to the them to market to the latest generation, the Gen Z(Zed), and that will not be easy. In fact, it may require our industry and just about every other industry to scrape their current marketing efforts and learn a new set of rules.

Gen Zed as some are calling them were born between 1994 and 2010. They are an exciting generation who will change just about every rule in the book of marketing when they begin hitting their stride in the mid-twenties and beyond.

In fact, I doubt if any of us really know that much about them. With that said, let’s take a closer look at what they are currently doing and hopefully we will begin to appreciate their talents and abilities.

They are the first generation raised entirely on the Internet. From the cradle they had Leap Pads, tablets and smartphones given to them. Their perception of everything they know is based on the Internet.

They have Trust issues. They use the Internet almost to the exclusion of all other forms of interaction.

When it comes to ads, 84% of them don’t even notice advertising on any media and have their “Blocks” up. Only 1% say they are influenced by ads.

They are also very demanding of their time. They will give your website, Vlog, podcast, Tweet or other social media ad a maximum of 8 seconds to interest them or they are off to another site. Everything for them is just a ‘click’ away.

They have grown up with the Internet and have all the knowledge they need within a single click. Watching a Gen Z use a smartphone makes us dizzy. A Gen Z without thumbs is Internet handicapped. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were given handicap license plates.

When it comes to your advertising and marketing efforts, they have inherent BS meters and will leave your site or marketing efforts quickly. They don’t like fluff and glitter. It’s too time wasting.

A recent survey found 72% of them want to be entrepreneurs even though most of them do not come from a business family background. The survey also found that they don’t see any major benefit of going to college as they prefer to self-learn on their smartphones when faced with problems that need solved.

And they are broke. They grew up during the last recession and fully understand what effects it had on their families. But they also control 40% of all none “major purchase” buying. Soon that will change as they become able to buy cars and housing.

When you decide to target the Gen Z crowd, you must go where they are. Find the currently used social media and use it. Not just once a week where you can tell everyone that your company is using it. That won’t fly.

The key to marketing to the Gen Z buyer is to bring other Gen Zeds into your marketing department now. Allow them to buy into your company’s culture and let them loose on all social media avenues. You could try to monitor their efforts but honestly, I doubt you could keep up. They will post so many things with some of them actually promoting your company.

They understand Gen Z speak and you don’t.

High Tech is not always what a Gen Z is looking for. They like AI and AR but really don’t want to waste a lot of time using things that haven’t been perfected yet. For example, most of them don’t use voice searches, preferring typing as it’s faster for them.

They have High Social Consciousness, are hard working, very determined and entrepreneurial. They are your future employees and your future customers.

And they are Illiterate! Getting most of them to actually read an article is tough as they were raised on videos, podcasts and social media. Listening to a podcast while doing two or three other tasks is second nature to them.

Our generations created Gen Z and now we have to begin to understand how to market and sell to them.

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