Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Set Crews - Modular’s Missing Link

One would think that with the push for modular construction in housing, hotels, dormitories, healthcare and apartments that everything would be coming up roses for our industry.

It would seem that way and it is except for one essential component that makes it all work smoothly, the modular set crew.

The past year has seen several crews close up shop for a variety of reasons not the least of which is finding and training people that want to travel for days at a time, live out of a suitcase, not see their family every night, enjoy climbing on roofs and eating lots of cold pizza.

It’s a tough job and not many new set crews have been jumping into the business even though the number of modular residential houses and commercial projects are literally skyrocketing.

Of particular need are set crews in the Midwest and the East Coast.

If you have a set crew and are looking for more houses to set, here is your chance.

Simply list your email and/or cell number along with your name in the comment section and if you don’t start getting contacted I will be truly surprised.


Keith mcnaughton said...

Keith mcnaughton modular homes LLC
Set crew 28 yrs exp 7172261721
Coming back from 1 yr off schedule is open thanks

Keith mcnaughton said...


Lewis Bishop said...

Honomobo California is definitely interested in hearing from west coast based set crews! Lewis.Bishop at