Saturday, August 17, 2019

Two Canadian Modular Factories Lay Off Almost Half Their Workers

Metric Modular says a “sharp decline” in housing orders is behind the decision to layoff a third of its Penticton, British Columbia, Canada workforce this week.

Permanent layoff notices were handed to 49 employees Wednesday, two days after the Government Street plant had returned from a two-week shutdown.

“The downturn in our orders is consistent with a broader decline in the housing market and as such we do not see reason to anticipate an increase in demand in the short term,” said company president Stephen Branch in a statement to Castanet.

“In light of these facts, we had to make the difficult decision to lay off a significant part of our Penticton work force and ensure that our Penticton facility has a sustainable work force in relation to the work at hand in our existing backlog.”

Branch said they know the impact the changes can have on individuals, families and the community in general, “but again felt this necessary to ensure a sustainable work force and company. As a company, we are still committed to building single-family homes and will work with our dealer networks to continue to develop this market.”

Metric Modular parent company Triple M took over the location from Britco in May 2017, holding a celebration last this spring to mark the 100th home coming off the line since then. The company also constructed the modular social development nearing completion on Winnipeg Street.

Moduline, another Penticton, BC modular home manufacturer cut about half its workforce (120 people) back in May.

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Sanbury said...

1 year ago Modular factories can't keep up with demand...and now they are laying off 1/2 workforce? Thats a big change in 1 year. What happened?