Friday, September 13, 2019

10 Absolutely Free Ways to Promote Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you only build a couple of new  homes a year or 100, you have to get the word out about the great homes you build. Throwing a lot of money at marketing could be one way but if you only get a few leads and contracts, then it is money that could have been best used for something else, like taking your family to Disney World.

What you need in addition to your usual promotions and advertising are some free or inexpensive ways to attract new home buyers to your website and then a meeting where you can discuss their wants and needs in their new home. 

You not only have to build homes, you have to be your own best marketer. There is no Marketing Fairy.

Hopefully there will a few new ideas here that will help make things happen for your business.

  1. Take great photos of completed houses – this has been the most successful free advertising that you can do. Don’t just grab your phone and snap a couple of shots. Take your time. Walk room to room and take a ton of photos, especially the front elevation, finished kitchens, baths, entry ways and family/living rooms.
  2. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you are not sure how to do it, hire a young person to do it. The rewards will be huge.
  3. Write your own blog, create meaningful content. To get people to read your blog and want to keep coming back to your website over and over until they are ready to meet with you is the real purpose of the blog. Publish at least one article a week.
  4. Comment on other blogs, many blogs will link your name back to your website. When you comment make sure you enter your website in the field that asks for it. Modcoach will allow you to link back if your list your website in the comment signature area.
  5. Hand out business cards, take them with you everywhere. Be almost obnoxious. It only takes one new home from your card distribution to pay for a lifetime of business cards.
  6. Participate in a Home and Garden shows as well as Builder Shows and make sure to hand out business cards. February and March is the time for these. Make your booth count. Home Shows - Do's and Don't
  7. Use Google Analytics to analyze existing traffic so you can reach your target audience and keep them on your website.
  8. Provide awesome service and communication to your existing customers, they’ll tell their friends.
  9. Find free places to advertise in your local community – put your business cards up in coffee shops, at your salon, gym, or places your customers might frequent.
  10. Post videos on YouTube.

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Dusty N said...

Great info Gary, very helpful and informative! I am going to put these tips to work!