Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Canadian Modular Factory Ships Huge Project to Boston Area

Nova Quincy, a 171-apartment building is the first to use modular building technology in Quincy, MA.

The top five floors of the 171-apartment building are made of prefabricated modular boxes, a first in Quincy and on the South Shore. There are signs that modular construction could be catching on as a time-saving alternative to traditional construction as the Boston region’s building boom continues and the demand for more housing endures.

It’s a technology that could shake up traditional construction practices that have barely evolved in the past 100 years. As construction costs rise, the region is suffering from a dire housing shortage, and modular construction has the potential to cut costs and save time.

The 1500 Hancock St. property required six months’ worth of site work before construction, including redirecting a culvert that a brook flowed through. Using modular construction from RCM Modular in Qu├ębec, Canada allowed LBC Boston, the commercial real estate developer building the project, to work on the upper floors of the seven-story building at the same time that the site work was being done.

“It saved us about five months of time on site,” said Joe Apruzzese, construction superintendent with D.F. Pray, which is managing the project. “Things can go on simultaneously.”

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