Sunday, September 22, 2019

Colorado is One Step Closer to Having a New Modular Home Manufacturing Plant

Buena Vista, Colorado, located just southwest of Denver, is one step closer to having a large modular home manufacturing plant built. During its last meeting, the Buena Vista Trustee members approved a major Planned Unit Development (PUD) adjustment for the Fading West project, after Charlie Chupp presented a brief overview of the state of the housing industry and rationale for needing the adjustment.

“Our biggest issue is a declining supply of homes vs. a growing demand,” said Chupp. He noted that the Colorado Governor’s Office estimates there are 100,000 fewer houses in Colorado than are needed. Couple that with Colorado holding the dubious honor of being the third most expensive state to build in after New York and California, and the 2008 recession reality causing many general contractors to leave the industry and not come back, Colorado is feeling the housing crisis more than other states.

Fading West has purchased land near the Central Colorado Regional Airport in Buena Vista to build a large modular manufacturing plant. The plant would include a building with 110,000 square feet, with 100,000 square feet of that to be used as manufacturing space. It would employ a staff of 50 to start with, growing to 80-85 once the facility is at capacity. The output would be up to 1,200 modular home units per year.

Chupp hopes to be in production mode in early fall, 2020. Given that they will be the only modular home factory in the state, he noted that he already has letters of intent to fill up the first year of production. These modular homes would be targeted at first-time homeowners, take significantly less time to build, (less than a week from the start of production to being shipped out) and reduce costs by 15 -30 percent.

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