Thursday, September 12, 2019

Over 95% of All Modular Home Builders Don’t Use a Consultant

That number is staggering. The reasons behind that number vary from builder to builder.

Many modular home builders, like yourself, can’t see giving up an entire day or more to sit with a consultant especially when all you may need is the answer to a couple of questions or help with a small problem. You probably already know what your employees think about it but now you're wondering what an 'Uncle in the Business’ would say.

Your ‘Uncle in the Business’ Gary Fleisher, also known throughout the industry as the Modcoach, is now available to help.

If the idea of hiring a consultant to help you and having to pay all those related costs and travel expenses seems too much for such small matters, then the idea of an ‘Uncle in the Business’ should be quite appealing, especially if it is someone that knows and has worked within the modular housing industry for decades.

Talking with me for an hour or more every month may be all you need to get my unique insight into the latest trends and practices in the modular home industry.

You may only need one hour a month or you might find having several hours a month more beneficial. I'm sure whatever you choose will prove to be helpful.

An investment of a one hour phone call or video conference would be exactly like having that Uncle available when you need him.

To learn more, simply email Gary Fleisher, your ‘Uncle in the Business’ for complete details.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck on the idea. With over 35 years in construction from framer; site builder; and modular experience getting the old horses to consider there may be a better way or option. Lack of a business vision coupled with the
WHADONITTW attitude means most won't adapt.

Bill Hart said...

“We humans have a great need to think (very) highly of ourselves………… We image our superiority. Often a small measure of success will elevate our nature grandiosity to even more dangerous levels. Our high self-opinion of ourselves has now been confirmed by events. We forget the role the luck may have played in that success, or the contributions of others. We image we have the golden touch. Losing contact with reality, we then make irrational decisions. That is why our success often does not last. Look for the signs of elevated grandiosity in yourself and others--- or overbearing certainty in the positive outcome in our plans; excessive touchiness’s if criticized; a disdain for any kind of authority.
Counteract the pull of grandiosity by maintaining a realistic assessment of ourselves and our limits; tie any feeling of greatness to your work your achievements and your contributions to society.”

A Robert Greene quote from his recent book the laws of nature.