Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Rage Against The Multifamily Machine

Resident Pushback Increasingly A Challenge For Apartment Developers in Dallas-Ft. Worth for Multifamily Developers

Across the U.S., residents tired of urban development, density, traffic and housing costs have launched an outright war against developers to either reshape, curtail or stop apartments from coming into their communities.

In New York, developers have been yelled out of the room by area residents when trying to propose anything related to affordable housing.

In the nation's most expensive housing markets, tenants desiring more rent affordability are trying to wrest some control away from developers by protesting and pushing for laws that limit developer power.

At least a dozen protesters were arrested in Austin Aug. 8 after pushing back against a vote to allow a developer to bring taller buildings and a mixed-use development into their community. Residents reportedly were concerned about losing affordability in the area.

Even in the supposedly development-friendly Dallas-Fort Worth area — where population has boomed to well over 7 million residents, spurring demand for more housing — citizens are aggressively fighting certain multifamily projects in the North Dallas suburbs.

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