Monday, October 14, 2019

BSC Keynote Speaker Says Modular Housing Must Start Finding Its Own Path

When Mark Yost, the President of Skyline Champion, I, like most others, wondered what direction his keystone talk at this year’s Building Systems Council Annual Meeting would be.

Unity and finding our unique path in all types of offsite construction quickly became his focus and it’s time we as an industry began practicing what he told us.

The first glimpse of how to improve the modular industry came when he pointed to several people in attendance and said “You’re a puzzle piece.” How can we be stronger? By getting all us ‘puzzle pieces’ to begin working together for change.

If all of us are puzzle pieces and you don’t contribute your’s to the change that’s needed, then shame on you. Until that actually begins to happen, the puzzle will never be finished.

We all have good intentions but few act on them. If sit on your puzzle piece instead of sharing it with the industry how do you know you're not the one piece that could complete the picture.

A united puzzle can change regulations, bring training into our industry, figure out how to efficiently build affordable housing and a myriad of other things that have been holding our industry at less than 3% of new home construction. Instead of hiding your puzzle piece, hold it high and soon someone will step up to begin putting the puzzle together. Until that time we continue to hold meeting after meeting wondering what can we do to grow our industry.

He also talked about predetermined paths our industry is forced to follow that have been created by government, associations and ‘advisory’ councils all pushing their pathways at our industry.

As we begin putting that puzzle together we will begin making our own pathways to improving modular and manufactured housing.

There will always be more regulations coming our way but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could collectively help change their inevitable path to one that works for us instead of hindering the future of offsite construction.

Thank you Mark for awakening a new way of looking at our industry and hopefully “someone” will soon take up your challenge of gathering those puzzle pieces and begin changing our industry. Gary Fleisher is a housing veteran, editor/writer of Modular Home Builder blog and industry speaker/consultant.

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Anonymous said...

Having Mark Yost lead off this BSC event was the best move. He understands what factories, builders and suppliers go through every day to build houses. In fact, the entire thing was good.