Friday, October 25, 2019

Genesis Homes Makes Comeback in Champion’s Lineup of Modular Homes

Skyline Champion Corporation just announced the return of its Genesis® brand that will focus on affordable single-family homes, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), and offsite building components for builders and developers.

As one of the first sales reps for Champion’s previous version of this line of upscale modular homes, I am very happy to see the Genesis® name once again entering the market.

Genesis housing solutions will be offered at twenty-three manufacturing campuses. Collectively, these locations will deliver homes to all 48 contiguous states.

“Affordable housing and skilled labor shortages are two of the nation’s largest concerns and with Genesis we’re positioned to provide solutions for both of them,” said Wade Lyall, EVP Sales & Business Development for Skyline Champion Corporation. “Each of our manufacturing centers building Genesis employs a consistent workforce totaling over 3,300 skilled team members who build high-quality homes indoors using innovative and efficient building techniques. These benefits contribute significant cost savings making our homes some of the most affordable and desirable in the country,” added Lyall.

“We’re constructing housing solutions that not only save builders time, but are environmentally sustainable, and financially attainable to a diverse range of homebuyers. The off-site component approach to homebuilding gives builders, developers and housing innovators a near turnkey solution, while reducing risk, and alleviates the challenges of managing multiple sub-contractors,” said Mark Yost, President and CEO of Skyline Champion Corporation. “From small, minimalist units to larger spaces for growing families, Genesis will offer homes with the popular features homebuyers are looking for and designs geared for their lifestyle and budget.”

The new lineup of Genesis models will consist of eleven ranches designed for residential lots and planned developments. A second series of five ADUs, equipped with smart home technology and modern finishes, has been developed to meet the growing demand for back-yard units in regions where municipalities are re-writing zoning laws.

Genesis will display two of its new models at the 2020 International Builders Show January 21-23 in Las Vegas, NV. The first model will be a 1493 sq. ft., 3-bedroom, 2-bath ranch with attached garage and the second model a 510 sq. ft., 1-bedroom, 1-bath ADU. Both models will be in the Outdoor Exhibits area, spaces P10 and P12.

Champion's Original "Cottage" from 20 years ago

It was almost 20 years ago I had the pleasure to 'work' the Champion “Cottage” at IBS in Las Vegas. It’s still one of the most beautiful modular homes I’ve ever seen.


Anonymous said...

I remember that house when I went to Vegas. Wasn't is built inside the convention center? Gary, it was a nice home. Sorry but I don't remember if I actually met you there.

Bill Hart said...

Yes, I saw it too, and chatted with the designer, and it was very impressive then. As the song lyrics says.. Love is better the second time around, eh!

Coach said...

Bill, if you were working East of Mississippi back then you may have talked with me. As you exited the rear of the home, people from the East turned left and were invited to sit and talk with one of three people from Champion, one was me.

Bill Hart said...

I sure should have remembered; life has some strange twists..I don't recall the year, was it in Texas or Chi? In any event,I'm elated you've chosen to mentor, I've learned a lot from you Coach..enjoy Bill

Bill Hart said...

Now reading it again, you say in herein..the show was in Vegas that you recall the year? Then at least, I'll know which "bi-coastal market I was workin in"! Much as our mutual late mentor Don Carlson used to refer to our differences; our housing industry's very very differnt product production delivery methods bi-coast-ily.. Sadly, were probibly still years and years ..away. That chasm that existed then, exists and resists still today! But coach, the Asians and maybe Checs too have arrived with the the brain power to get us together, maybe,or else! eh!