Friday, October 4, 2019

Insights into Affordable Housing at ULI’s 2019 Fall Meeting

Solutions to the Attainable and Affordable Housing Crisis Are Varied, but Promising

No single solution exists among the efforts to deliver attainable and affordable housing in a country where home prices continue to escalate significantly and the dream of homeownership is out of reach of millions of households, an expert panel told attendees at ULI’s 2019 Fall Meeting in Washington, D.C.

A move toward more modular, factory-built housing could lower prices because it provides a more efficient assembly and controls labor costs, said Casey, who is also the chair of the Housing Innovation Alliance. The common method of construction on a job site with multiple subcontractors assembling a house from materials delivered piecemeal is inefficient, said Casey, comparing the process to delivering auto parts to scattered assembly sites, rather than building cars at auto factories.

A drawback to modular housing, some panelists mentioned, is the inability of the buildings to allow for unique features, styling, or easy customization.

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