Friday, October 4, 2019

More Reasons Your Next Projects Should Go Modular

We’ve been reading a lot about all the newest trends in modular housing and why it is the future of residential and commercial construction.

And with the labor shortage in skilled construction there really is no other option than to turn to modular, here’s why:
  • With modular construction, the process of planning, designing and manufacturing the parts or modules is done within a factory setting rather than at the traditional construction site. This minimizes disruption to not only the clients but also the local community too.
  • The speed of choosing modular construction has been shown to cut the entire time of the project from start to finish by as much as 30%. Offsite construction means that work in the factory can start at the same time as the site is prepared, accelerating the entire build program. This reduces waste as well as reducing the impact of having a large workforce on the work site for a long period of time.
  • Sustainability also includes the working conditions of the people that are doing the construction. Modular is much safer as transferring work off-site into a controlled environment improves safety. Working in a controlled factory setting rather than building outside, on potential high scaffolding, while exposed to changeable weather is a major plus.
  • The quality of modular buildings is leading the way in the construction industry. This means that the latest specification standard standards and build quality can reduce occupancy costs related to energy use, defects and repairs.

Modular is the fastest growing segment of the building industry.

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