Monday, November 4, 2019

Another Reporter Without a Clue About Modular Construction

You would think everyone in the media would know the differences between modular and manufactured housing by now. Apparently not yet. This reporter did a nice article about startup Joy Line Homes in Watsonville, CA, just south of Santa Cruz launching a new line of Hybrid homes. But she should have fact checked what she wrote.

Nice House from Joy Line Homes

Here is the opening paragraphs which shows either the reporter doesn’t understand offsite construction or the builder doesn’t. Not sure which.

Joy Line Homes, a spec home design and building company for modular and manufactured “hybrids,” put its first house on the market for $649,900 in October.

Launched out of Watsonville in January, Joy Line Homes designs and builds what it calls modern “prefabricated” homes, or homes built in sections in an off-site facility, then shipped to the home site and assembled.

“There’s no one doing what we’re doing right now,” said Ben West, founder and lead designer of Joy Line Homes.

Joy Line Homes creates “hybrids of manufactured and modular homes.” Manufactured homes and modular homes are two of the three types of fabricated homes. The other is mobile homes, which are manufactured homes built before June 15, 1976, according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

CLICK HERE to read the entire Santa Cruz Sentinel article.

I especially like this quote:

“There’s no one doing what we’re doing right now,” said Ben West, founder and lead designer of Joy Line Homes.


Michael S. said...

Well the guy seems to be talking in unique riddles so maybe that's what he means when he says "There’s no one doing what we’re doing right now". Modular Riddler...

WBbenny said...

I have been on site to this home and seen his work first hand. While I fully understand the difference between HUD code manufactured homes (What this specific model is) what Joy Line delivers is custom client services that can take a manufactured home OR modular home built in a factory to the next level with on-site installed interior finishes and cutting edge design not seen elsewhere at this price point. Feel free to share examples of other builders doing such design builds using affordable manufactured homes if you know of any. Joy Line offers both Manufactured AND Modular and by "hybrid" they are referring to the mix of both factory provided construction and on-site details added to complete the contemporary design.