Thursday, November 21, 2019

Champion’s Genesis Enters the ADU market in a Big Way

“What’s possible” in modular and manufactured housing is a question being asked by one of the largest home builders in the US.

Champion Home Builders, a Subsidiary of Skyline Champion Corporation, and URBANEER announced they had entered into a development agreement to co-brand a new line of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The new lineup will be branded URBANEER by Genesis and the first design, The URBANEER 510, will be unveiled at the International Builders Show this January in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The agreement also grants Skyline Champion access to interior components designed by URBANEER for use in the new co-developed ADU line and its non-co-branded modular and manufactured homes.

In addition to the design and building of the co-developed ADU line, both companies agreed to jointly market ADUs across the 48 states.

Two of these components — a moveable wall with wireless power that allows for reconfiguring of the ADU’s spaces and a fold-down wall bed — have been integrated into the design of The URBANEER 510.

Mark Yost
“Innovation is key to our success, so we're thrilled to collaborate with housing visionaries like URBANEER and bring their expertise in designing small living spaces to our customers,” said Mark Yost, President and CEO of Skyline Champion Corporation. “Combating the affordable housing crisis requires multiple viable solutions. Skyline Champion believes placing ADUs in America's backyards is one powerful, practical and cost-effective step in the right direction.”

“The partnership between URBANEER and Skyline Champion creates a powerful team focused on solutions for housing attainability. We see our co-branded compact homes providing more options for consumers who seek to live in locations and at price points they desire,” said Bruce Thompson, URBANEER Co-Founder and CEO.

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