Thursday, November 14, 2019

East Coast Custom Modular Home Showcase

Every part of the country finds modular home factories of all sorts. Commercial and Residential modular construction is growing by leaps and bounds. But one region is known for its ability to build custom homes more than any other.

From Maine through Virginia, the modular home factories located along this corridor serving the huge populations of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC have built and continue to build some of the most unique custom modular homes in the world.

Day after day builders call upon these factories to produce homes true custom craftsmen would be proud of. Below are just some of those homes with both exterior and interior views.

Sorry, I won’t mention which factory or modular home builder built each home as these custom homes can be produced by just about any modular factory in the East.

Interior Pictures

Exterior Pictures:


If you find nice custom modular homes being built anywhere else in the world, please share some pictures with us.

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