Friday, November 22, 2019

Los Angeles’s Newest Homeless Projects is $600,000 Per Unit

It never fails to amuse when city government tries to step in and build housing for the homeless. It’s only your tax money, so it’s not like they are spending their own.

L.A.’s New Project Housing Homeless In
Shipping Containers Costs $600k Per Home

Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti and other city leaders recently broke ground on a permanent supportive housing complex that will use stacked shipping containers to house formerly homeless people.

The containers will be arranged into towers, then connected by walkways to create a single, unified building topped with rooftop terraces and gardens. They have been specifically manufactured as modular, prefabricated homes because building codes prevent the developer from using recycled containers.

According to the architect, the design was chosen “as a way to reduce the cost and construction time.” However, KFI News reports that the project’s final price tag breaks down to about $600,000 per residential unit, noting the amount is “more than the median price of a condo” in L.A.

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Tom Hardiman said...

Wow! Well I promise you it wasn't the cost of the containers that pushed the price up. In fact they didn't even use shipping containers - they "purpose built" steel containers to use. And the "soft costs" were $12 million!

Saki said...

Government efficiency(not) at its best!!!