Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Scotland Taking the Lead in Modular Construction Training

A new European project aiming to modernize the delivery of off-site and modular construction education and training has been launched in Glasgow.

Used in different ways across Europe, off-site and modular methods of construction have proven to be cleaner, safer and more productive than traditional building methods. As they are also capable of providing affordable housing stock, there is now a need to move from traditional to modern methods of construction, and therefore training.

Funded by Erasmus Plus, Embracing Modular Innovation in Construction – Getting Education Modernized (EMIC-GEM) - is led by City of Glasgow College together with the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and partners from Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and the UK.

Linus Reichenbach, project manager for STEM & innovation at City of Glasgow College, explains the objectives and goals of the project: “The aim is to transform delivery of off-site and modular methods of construction advanced vocational education and training. Key processes will be digitalized while an emphasis will be placed on decarbonizing activity, improving energy and resource efficiency, workplace safety and diversification of the workforce.”

The EU construction sector makes up nearly 9% of the whole EU GDP and provides 18 million direct jobs. However, the industry faces many major challenges including improving energy and resource efficiency, adopting digitalisation and innovative technologies, and developing specialized educational training to respond to labor skill gaps.

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Modcoach Note: What College, School, Organization or Government Agency will be the first to start a national modular construction training course in the US?

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Tom Hardiman said...

its not national (our country is a little larger than Scotland) but the U of Florida has a program: