Saturday, December 7, 2019

Guest Blogger Shares His Reasons Why You Shouldn't Blog

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Blog on Your On Your Remodeling or Builder Website
(written by Mike Foti, a blogger)

Any of you who’ve read my articles might remember 6 months ago I wrote an article titled 5 Clear-Cut Reasons You Should Blog on Your Remodeling or Home Builder Web Site (even if you hate to write). Given that – you may be wondering, “What the heck’s gotten into Mike? Has he gotten even wackier than 6 months ago and lost his mind? First, he tells me I need to blog, now he says don’t blog. What’s up with that?”

The simple answer is yes, I’ve gotten wackier in the last 6 months. I know this because I love to learn, laugh and grow along the way. I think wackiness is the key to growth and enjoying running a business more.

However, no I don’t think I’ve lost my mind. Well – at least I don’t think so. However, the more I blog, the more I know blogging IS NOT the ‘quick and easy’ way to riches. You may ask why I know this?

Well – I’ve lived it. I’ve written (while most sane people are sleeping) over 800 posts which are 1,500 to 2,500 words long. I’ve been on podcasts and spoken to groups about getting digital results while running a remodeling and building material distribution business.

I’m getting over 130,000 monthly visitors and emailing over 29,000 email subscribers while writing on 4 blogs. I’ve seen digital leads grow dramatically. I’m a weird dude (yes – I know that). I’m a ‘writing maniac’ in an industry where most people HATE, HATE, HATE to write.

So, why am I now saying you shouldn’t blog on your remodeling or home building site (all while writing a blog post to tell you this? Can you see the irony?).

Well read the 10 reasons below – and I bet you’ll see at the end where I’m coming from.

Reason #1 you shouldn’t blog on your remodeling or building web site– It’s too much work

If you’re looking for the ‘quick and easy’ path to digital marketing success blogging ISN’T it.

Blogging takes time. Time to write. Time to edit. Time to find images. Time to resize images and create ‘alt’ tags. Time to upload the post. Time to distribute the post on social media. Time to email the post to your list. If this sounds like a ‘lotta’ work – you’re right. It is.

Bottom line – if you’re looking for immediate gratification. Stop the train. Don’t write even one single blog post. You’re wasting your time! Blogging will take time (whether it’s your time, someone’s time on your team or a company you outsource this task to).

Don’t believe anything you read which says blogging is FREE! It’s only free if you’re going to DIY all of it and IF your time is worth nothing!

Blogging takes time. Time = Money.

Reason #2 you shouldn’t blog on your remodeling or building web site– You say, “I have no frickin’ idea what to write about.”

This is a real challenge. Talk to any blogger (or podcaster or video creator) and if they tell you’ve they’ve never struggled developing topic ideas– I’d tell you they’re lying.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article by Mike Foti

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