Thursday, December 26, 2019

Modcoach’s Most Popular Blog Articles for 2019

2019 was predicted to be a bust-out year for modular construction, both in single family residence and commercial.
It certainly was a bust-out for some and a bust for a few others. Here are the Most Popular articles on Modular Home Builder blog for 2019 in no particular order. Fragmentation and Regulations Continue to Impede Modular Housing Growth

Today we hear about all the wonderful things modular and off-site construction is doing to meet the demand for affordable and custom housing but the underlying problems from 50 years ago are still the same ones we are facing today. Tiny Houses, Manufactured Homes and Converted Garden Sheds are NOT Modular Homes People on social media, news reporters, industry speakers and even most of the people you talk with all believe that tiny houses, double and single wide mobile homes and those companies selling converted garden sheds are the same as true modular housing. Nothing could be further from the truth. More Hotel Chains Turning to Modular Construction

The benefits of modular construction was bound to trickle down to the smaller, boutique hotel chains but it appears to be happening faster than anyone thought. 3 Correctable Problems Facing the Residential Modular Housing Industry Our industry, especially in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions, has problems that not only aren’t being addressed, most of them are not even talked about except by a few factory owners, management, builders and suppliers huddled in dark corners. Adding Commercial Projects Could Put Your Factory at a Disadvantage

As more and more modular home factories that once only produced single family homes and some small townhouse projects are adding hotel and other commercial projects to their production lines it brings an entirely new set of problems. Is HUD’s Ben Carson About to Change New Home Construction in the US? Dr Ben Carson talked about the need for HUD homes being allowed in all neighborhoods in the US to ease the need for affordable housing. He specifically addressed the “Not in my neighborhood” crowd Katerra - Solid Performer or Master of Failed Projects

TRD investigation finds that Katerra, the $4B firm has failed to complete roughly a dozen projects, and some of its biggest clients are tied to its executives Is Custom Modular Housing Being Priced Out of the Market? When this topic was recently brought up by some custom modular home builders on the East Coast and New England the answer was ‘yes’. Will Automation Always be a Distant Dream for Modular Housing?

Modular housing is not anything like the auto industry. There are two very important reasons this is not a true comparison. Is It Time for Modular Home Factories to Create Their Own School? There are Vocational schools for electricians, plumbers, CAD professionals, airplane mechanics and a host of other skilled labor jobs, there are no schools for the skills needed in today’s labor strapped modular housing factory production lines. Who is Responsible for Poor Service in Modular Construction?

Nobody has ever built the perfect new home. We have gotten close but in the end it usually becomes a Blame Game.

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