Monday, December 16, 2019

Modular Tours and Exchanges 2020

Professors Ryan E. Smith and Ivan Rupnik partnered with the Modular Building Institute to deliver a report titled, 5 in 5”. 

Sekisui Heim factory near Tokyo

The focus was how to grow the modular industry to 5% of the total construction market in 5 years.  The industry did not reach this goal, but it has grown from 2.5% to about 3.5-4.0% during the past 5 years.  One of the phases of the study had Ryan and Ivan travelling throughout the globe to evaluate the context in which modular construction was successful.  A few of these countries included Japan, Sweden and Scotland.  Now the professors are wanting to share these modular cultures with others.

This coming year in 2020 Ryan and Ivan are leading what they call knowledge exchanges.  These are curated trips that are open to the public.  Anyone may register, but modular builders are especially welcome.  In addition to tours of various factories in these countries is a symposium with industry, government and factory leaders.  It is an excellent networking opportunity, but more it is fast track learning.  For 2020 the line up includes:

·       MOD X Northwest – this includes visits to the Katerra mass timber factory, a job site tour of a recent Katerra project, modular site tours of the new citizenM hotel and Cubix Othello, a multi-family housing project, and a day long symposium with speakers and panel discussions featuring the architects, contractors and modular factories that made these projects happen.
·       MOD X Japan – this is the second year for the tour with factory visits to both Sekisui Heim light gague steel and light wood frame modular factories in Tokyo, a tour of Sekisui House and Misawa Homes model home village, and a visit to a job site setting.  A symposium will be included with some of the largest modular companies in the Japan demonstrating their capability and answering questions.
·       MOD X Scotland – this exchange will be focused on light wood frame panelized factories and job sites.  75% of all housing in Scotland is panelized platform frame low-rise construction.  The exchange will emphasize the networked nature of the Scottish offsite sector to deliver on publicly procured projects, and a visit to a new timber-built distillery.  See more automated and less automated factories in a construction culture that has created an ecosystem of factories and builders including CCG, MAKAR, and others.
·       MOD X Sweden – this exchange will feature a full week of factory visits and discussions with world leaders in light wood frame modular, panelized and mass timber construction.  Factories will include Lindbacks, Martinsons, Derome, and others.  Also, the tour will include a visit to Randek, the machinery company that produces automated machines for panelized and modular factories, and a job site tour.  The symposium will be held with government and additional factories including BokLok, the partnership between IKEA and Skanska.

Visit the MOD X website for more information and registration:

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