Wednesday, December 4, 2019

'Question of the Week' for Modular Home Factory Owners

What is one thing you would like to see improved in 2020? 

It can be anything from Codes to Transportation, from training to marketing...anything!


Ted Lawton said...

For the Modular Home Industry it we be building codes and permitting for the next 5 to 10 years minimum. A majority of Planning and Permitting Departments are stuck processing and approving projects based on old antiquated codes and guidelines. Good luck trying to improve them or make any positive changes as it took decades to create them it will take a long time to unwind them in a meaningful way. Until then we will continue to build rentals (institutional style housing) for the poor and middle class and new homes for the top 15% of income earners.

Damian Farrell said...

I'd love to see architects, engineers, builders and manufacturers create a lobby that rivals the NAHB. Those in the building industry that think modular, unitized and panelized are a threat to their business need to learn that we are all ultimately doing the same thing,; creating buildings for people to work, live, play, learn and's just about different delivery methods.
I'ts big dream, but why not? We should be making a lot of noise about the length of time some of the states (my state of Michigan in particular!) take to review shop drawings. (We're at 8-12 weeks right now)
We should be lobbying states with unfair DOT regulations.
Addressing building code officials and educating them....and the host of other challenges that we all know exist.
(BTW. I'm an architect/developer/CM all-in for modular. I currently have a modular 30 unit condo project under construction)

Derek Huegel said...

I'd love to see a lobby that rival the NAHB as well like Damian said. That would be AWESOME! Some form of "standard" industry wide that can be adopted by local jurisdictions for reviewing and educating them. It seems that portion always falls on us manufactures to bring them up to speed. I'm in WA state and it's taking us 8-12 weeks as well to get some dumb responses back and final approval a week later. Another thing would be a universal library of approved plans that manufactures could be shared with royalties given to the author of that plan. That way we could band together and brand that design under whichever manufacture wants to use it. Just a couple thoughts.