Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Question of the Week

What new or innovative things do you think 2020 will bring to the modular construction industry?


Builder Bob said...

Just start building a product with fewer defects. I am so tired of fighting with your service department about things screwed up on the production line. Here's an idea. Do it right the first time. That would definitely be innovative.

Russell Anderson said...

The local municipalities will truly begin to understand that SYSTEMS BUILT HOUSING is a BETTER WAY TO BUILD. As more and more projects get complete and the more we as educators in the business share with them the facts about this type of construction they will see it’s here to stay. As far as innovation, companies with the desire to push the limits of design will continue to create homes that baffle the imagination. Multiple stories, and multiple boxes to create almost any design. Can’t wait !!

Damian Farrell said...

Well said, both Builder Bob and Richard Anderson!

As architect/developer/CM, and all in on modular, the "innovation" I'd like to see is training, training, training at every level.

Give salespeople, engineering, architects, builders, line workers, transporters, set crews the training they need to understand that they can make an honorable career in this business, raise the sense of pride and care and lead the construction industry through the pursuit of excellence.