Thursday, December 12, 2019

What's Happening at Guerdon Modular Buildings?

I was just sent a Notice of Public Auction for all the equipment, tools and other assets of Guerdon Modular Buildings in Idaho. I can't find out why this is taking place on December 17. 2019.

Does anyone know what is happening at Guerdon Modular?


Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware they fell on hard times. What happens to all those projects they have either started or are on their books for 2020. Another black eye for us

Steve L said...

Guerdon Enterprises LLC
Guerdon Enterprises LLC provides construction services. The Company designs, engineers transports, installs, and constructs modular construction buildings. Guerdon Enterprises serves clients in the United States.
Engineering & Construction Svcs
Non-Residential Bldg Const
5556 Federal Way Boise, ID 83716 United States

Tubby McFatso said...

Steve L, you didn't answer the question.

William aka "Little Bill" said...

Interesting.... very interesting.

Derek Huegel said...

I emailed the attorney to get more info and I received no response as of yet and that was last week.

Unknown said...

I don't get it, Guerdon strived to build a finer units and it's sad to hear this

Anonymous said...

Ya if my dad is out of a job next year because of this...someone really dropped the ball..

Anonymous said...

No one has anything to worry about.

Rodney Schwenk said...
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Anonymous said...

^No one has anything to worry about.


Active employees were sent a message at 1am this morning and suddenly told that the office will be closed until Thursday, and employees with direct deposit have not received a recent paycheck.

Anonymous said...

All over Boise apartment construction is and has been booming and you'd wonder where is modular construction industry. Before this I wondered where all the carpenters were found, thinking Guerdon Modular must have their fingers in the pie.

Something doesen't smell right.

Anonymous said...

Any update on what's going on with Guerdon?

Anonymous said...

They are not going out of business but undergoing an ownership/marketing change.