Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Apex Modular Homes Takes Employees on a Field Trip to Philly

When Lynn Kuhns, President of Apex Modular Homes of PA, visited the latest project his factory built for a developer in Philadelphia, he knew right away that his employees should see first hand what they built.

Not many factory owners go the extra step to hire a couple of buses and invite not only the people responsible for building such a nice project but also their spouses.

Standing at 5 stories tall and consisting of 96 boxes, this building houses 75 apartments.

“We wanted our employees to experience the true magnitude of this project as it can be difficult to visualize as each module makes its way through the factory.” said Lynn Kuhns, President

The purpose of building modular for a project this large is to save time and money. A building this size can be completed in as much as a third of the time compared to a conventional site build.

According to Lynn, his employees immediately took ownership for their work with pride in what they had built. It’s not very often they get to see their work while the final finish is happening in the field.

Fit and quality was evident throughout and the skilled workers saw some things they could adjust on the line to make things go even smoother for the people that finish the work on site.

A stop in Lancaster, PA at the world famous Shady Maple Smorgasbord topped off a great day for the Apex Homes factory family.


Thomas Rusing said...

Now that is World Class Leadership!

Saki said...

Way to go Lynn. Congrats to all involved. Rob, Josh send me pictures