Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Carson Calls for Deregulation for Modular and Manufactured Home Industries

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson blamed rampant U.S. homelessness on "stacks and stacks of regulations" on technology for modular and tiny homes.

Dr Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Speaking on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, Carson and New York and New Jersey Regional HUD administrator Lynne Patton detailed their annual homeless assessment report. The two HUD administrators said 78,000 New Yorkers live on the streets. Carson said Americans should be asking why homelessness is a large problem in such a "sophisticated society," before pointing to regulations against more technological affordable housing as one root cause.

Carson called for fewer restrictions in cities against tiny homes and modular homes, dwellings that are cheaper to construct and are far less costly to maintain in terms of energy.

"The key thing we do is we ask ourselves, why is this a problem in our country?" asked the President Donald Trump-appointed HUD secretary. "You look at Japan, look at Tokyo, they have virtually no homelessness there. And what is the difference they don't have stacks and stacks of regulations that keep you from being able to use technology. We have some very innovative people in our country who've come up with modular homes, tremendous advances in manufactured housing, tiny homes, there is a whole host of things that could be used."

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MARK WILLE said...

Thank You for Sharing. I just REshared to FB.

Calla said...

Then perhaps HUD should remove the restrictions they have on tiny homes and tiny homes on wheels!

Kevin said...

The removal of federal Regulations is always welcome however if the States and Localities within don't change their mindset on Zoning regulations limiting the placement of Tiny and Manufactured homes the Federal deregulation has accomplished nothing.

Steve said...

Talk is cheap.

Steve Tidwell said...

Great post ! Just Another Great way to make America Great. Carson is a Awesome Secretary of HUD that is improving the manufacturing Modular and HUD and FEMA homes by making a safer building codes for home owners.