Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Champion’s Genesis Homes Selects Backyard Cottages in Virginia

Many Arlington, VA homeowners are getting ready to build backyard cottages, thanks to a vote from the County Board early last year.

Board members unanimously voted to loosen zoning regulations on so-called detached “accessory dwelling units” (ADUs). The vote came after a contentious discussion with residents who said they feared the impacts of greater density and fewer trees in their neighborhoods.

Now housing innovator URBANEER, Inc. joins the fight against the national housing crisis with its launch of their first 510 sq. ft. accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to be manufactured by Champion Home Builders, a subsidiary of Skyline Champion Corporation, as part of its Genesis brand of products and distributed in the Northern Virginia market by Backyard Cottages, located in Arlington, VA.

This ruling could allow up to 44% of the homeowners in Arlington to build an ADU on an interior lot as long as the structure is at least 5 feet away from the property lines. ADUs built on corner lots must sit 5 feet from the side yard line and 10 feet from the rear yard line.

Requirements for an ADU must include:
  • Have a separate entrance
  • Have its own kitchen and bathroom
  • House no more than three people
  • Be no bigger than 750 square-feet
  • Pass a fire-safety regulation inspection

One thing I didn’t see addressed in these requirements is the IRC requirement that all housing in VA must meet. Let’s hope this isn’t an oversight. If it is not part of the requirements it could mean that a HUD home could be placed directly behind or beside an IRC home on the same lot.

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