Monday, January 13, 2020

Colorado City Steps Up for Modular Housing

An ordinance was proposed at the Jan. 6 Montrose, Colorado City Council work session that would make changes to the current definition of “manufactured housing” and add a definition for “modular building.”

The memo from the City of Montrose Planning Services explains that modular construction involves building components in a factory and assembling them onsite.

“Factory‐built advantages include more consistent quality control, construction that takes place indoors away from inclement weather, accelerated construction schedules, and flexible design,” the memo states.

Currently, residential modular buildings in Montrose are administered in the same way as manufactured housing, which restricts the zoning districts where construction is permitted. The proposed ordinance, by changing the definitions to clarify that modular buildings are not a type of manufactured housing, would “allow factory-built structures (with review prior to installation) to be built anywhere in Montrose,” according to City of Montrose Principal Planner Garry Baker.

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