Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Is Pulte Beginning the Logical Move to Modular?

PulteGroup, one of the largest tract home builders in the US, acquired Innovative Construction Group, based in Jacksonville, Florida. They provide design services, manufactured wall panels, roof trusses and floor systems, and on-site installation to provide a full-frame shell construction process.

PulteGroup says the acquisition builds on its commonly managed plan platform and its long-term strategy to boost production efficiency and overall build quality.

"Off-site solutions can deliver high-quality framing components with less waste and help address trade labor shortages that are a persistent problem for the construction industry," the company said.

PulteGroup expects to expand the ICG factory's production capabilities to provide additional products and services.

In the meantime you have to ask if Pulte has their eye on getting into the next logical step to build their homes, Modular.

Using Innovative Construction Group’s resources for assembling the product they manufacture, why not look at building or buying a modular home factory and using them to set and finish the homes.

It’s not innovative, it’s simple the housing industry's evolution into modular. Let’s hope they see the benefits of modular construction like Marriott Hotels has.


Rob Ebbets said...

They tried it back in 2004 in Virginia:

After the downturn they shut it down and sold to a SIP builder out of Texas. Maybe they'll try again?

Thomas Rusing said...

In the mid 1990’s we built homes for Pulte in Pontiac Mi at the Redman/New Century/Signature Homes plant in Topeka IN.
Pulte staffed it like a site construction porject and had way too much overhead on site for a modular project which eliminated
the savings of going modular.