Monday, January 20, 2020

Is This Modular Construction’s Year at IBS?

How does one measure success at IBS? 

Is it the number of people simply attending something like IBS? If that is a criteria, I suppose getting over 100,000 construction people to come to Vegas for 3 days, walk a thousand miles visiting all the exhibitors and attending endless meetings, then this will certainly be a success. 

I have attended the International Builders Show quite often but never as an exhibitor, simply a member of the press. 

This year will be different. Express Modular Franchising asked me to attend the show as part of the team promoting one of the best things that could happen to the modular housing industry. A way for people to become entrepreneurs in what is becoming a very big part of both residential and commercial construction, MODULAR! 

If you would like to talk about what is happening in modular, stop by and chat.

Hopefully this will see a lot more exhibitors looking to show attendees their latest and greatest in what they can offer modular construction, or not. 

That is my mission for the next four days, meeting the exhibitors today while they are setting up their booths, trying to learn if they have been bitten by the modular bug or are they doing the same as past years. 

 I’m also going to be on the lookout for exhibitors using their booths to attract the modular industry crowd. 

In years past modular had houses in the parking lot set up with thousands of people tramping through them, all gushing over them but few, if any, sales that could be attributed to IBS. Very few modular factories including commercial modular have ever sent people to attend the show. Modular factories, especially in the East and Midwest have not been big proponents of IBS. 

So this year I will put on my Sherlock Holmes disguise and try to learn if this is the year modular construction becomes the star of the show or just another “Why should I go to IBS?” year. 

Hopefully it will be modular’s breakout year but only time will tell.

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