Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Join Me at the Express Modular Franchise Booth at IBS this Month

About 15 years most modular home factories had about 40-60 new home builders located within a couple hundred miles from the factory gates building homes at a nice steady pace averaging about 5 homes per builder per year.
After the 2008 Housing Crisis, only about half of those old builders survived and stayed in home building. So where are the new builders going to come from to fill the ranks of the ones that left the business entirely? Men and women just aren't entering the building trades as General Contractors like they did in years past. Most of the builders that are looking at modular production today are urban builders who have watched the pool of skilled trades dry up and leave their area. Turning to modular construction is one of the best ways to compete with the larger site builders that are gobbling up the trades. Here is the question I have to ask. If a site builder looks to a modular home factory to begin buying homes, does the factory have sales reps trained to help the builder make the conversion? Today, the number of builders that each factory has is probably in the 30-40 range and each of them averages less than 4 homes a year. Do the numbers! Unless factory management, especially the sales manager, implements a training program for their sales reps to find, recruit and help builders successfully make the conversion, the modular home industry will continue to flounder If you think that a site builder can just switch to modular overnight, you are naive. It takes a site builder several mod houses under their belt before they figure out the system. This is why a new way to bring people into the modular new home business is needed. Fortunately, I think there just might be a better way to do that. Stepping up to the plate to help modular home factories is Express Modular Franchise. Ken Semler, President of the company was awarded "Builder of the Year" last year by the NAHB's Building Systems Council
I've checked their program that addresses this situation and found a very compelling reason for anyone that wants to get into the modular home building business to contact them. And I do mean anyone from Architects to site builders, veterans, Real Estate agents, remodelers and many more. The folks at Express Modular Franchising will have a booth at this month’s IBS and they’ve asked me to stop by each morning to answer questions you may have about the modular home industry.

Of course I said yes. Hope to see you there!

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Arthur Aranda said...

I'll be at the IBS and stop by the booth in the morning. I would like to meet you and discuss some ideas on growing the modular home market. Thanks Arthur.Aranda@td.com