Thursday, January 2, 2020

Join Me For the Modular ICBM Launch at IBS

It was only 20 years ago when the modular housing industry was beginning to make a real dent in IRC single family housing in the United States. Builders wanted to become modular new home builders and there were almost 200 modular home factories across the US.

Today there are less than a third still operating and builder numbers, both on-site and modular, have been declining. Many modular factories simply weren’t strong enough to weather the 2008 housing crash. Modular home builders found themselves without customers to build for or factories to buy from.

Builders left the industry for many reasons including retirement and bankruptcy.

Where are the new single family home builders today that should be replacing those that left the industry? Excellent question!

If you want to become a modular new home builder today you will find:
  • No College Courses to attend
  • No Formal Training by the modular home factories
  • No Peer to Peer groups to join
  • No Help with modular specific business planning or marketing
But all hope isn’t lost. At the 2020 International Builder Show in Las Vegas this month, one company is about to launch a modular ICBM (I Can Build Modular) that will change the modular home industry forever.
Express Modular Franchise will introduce the first modular ICBM and give “New to Modular” builders all the training needed to help you launch their personal ICBM in a specific market. As the old Prego spaghetti sauce ad used to say “Everything’s in there” to give you the boost you need to become a good modular new home builder. To make it even better, the folks at Express Modular Franchise have asked me to join them each morning from 9:00 AM to Noon at their booth at IBS. I would love to meet you and hear your thoughts on modular construction and the future of our industry. I’m even giving away FREE admission tickets to all the exhibits at IBS. Over 1,500 construction exhibitors will be there. CLICK HERE to claim your FREE tickets courtesy of Gary Fleisher, the Modcoach!


Steve said...

We're interested but the redirect doesn't seem to reference a free IBS ticket. Can you provide the discount code, please?

Coach said...

Sorry about that Steve. The link has been updated