Thursday, January 16, 2020

Modcoach’s Top 25 Reasons People Build a New Home

New home builders are always looking for new home buyers.but I have a sad truth for you, they don’t grow on trees? At least not the type of trees builders had a mere 20 years ago.

Back then marketing was much more complicated and less immediate. Billboards, ads in newspapers, direct mail pieces and even TV and radio were used. This type of marketing wasn’t cheap and actually not very effective. You couldn’t tell if someone contacted you from a billboard or a radio unless you actually asked them.

Today almost all those types of advertising have disappeared. In their place we now have Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, WeChat, Tumblr, Pinterest and many others but these are in the Top 10.

Let’s be honest here, if you have time to learn what each one’s target audience is, put up at least one post a day on each, answer questions and replies from people that read you posts, come up with a new thought for each day and then track each one to see how many followers, contacts and “Likes” you get every single day, you have to be one exhausted new home builder! There is a better way.

Please don't be put off by this video. Even though she may not appear to be the right fit for the particular job she's being interviewed for, she may be just the one that could learn what you do and have fun promoting it on social media platforms.

The people on your staff or the agency that used to handle all your marketing 20 years ago can all be replaced with one high tech Millennial or Gen Z that knows your business model and can develop posts for each of them, decipher all the responses and reply to them and lead the people to your website where, hopefully, they will contact you. This individual will not come cheap but it will probably be cheaper than your old, outdated marketing approach.

Below are 25 reasons most people want to build a new home. You and your marketing person should look over the list, pick a couple of personas to concentrate on for a couple of months and see what comes in the ‘front door’. It could surprise you.

If you take just one or two of these and market to the people that it affects, you will probably see a sale or two. Then go to the next one and the next one until you addressed the entire list and then start over again. Not only will you become acutely aware of what people want, you will get a better handle on who is buying homes in you market area.

Here are Modcoach’s 25 Reasons People Build a New Home
  1. To become more comfortable - sometimes even a little bit more
  2. To attract praise – because almost everybody loves a new home
  3. To increase enjoyment – of life, of business, of virtually anything
  4. To possess things of beauty – believe a new home nourishes the soul
  5. To keep up with the Joneses – there are Joneses in everybody’s lives
  6. To feel opulent – a rare, but valid reason to buy a new home
  7. To become more efficient – because efficiency saves time
  8. To escape or avoid pain – which is an easy path to making a sale
  9. To protect their possessions – because they worked hard to get them
  10. To be in style – because few people enjoy being out of style
  11. To access opportunities – because they open the doors to good things
  12. To express love – one of the noblest reasons to make any purchase
  13. To feel safe – because security is a basic human need
  14. To conserve energy – their own or their planet’s sources of energy
  15. To save time -- because they know time is more valuable than money
  16. To protect their family – tapping into another basic human need
  17. To feel superior – which is why status symbols are sought after
  18. To be excited – because people sometimes need the excitement of a new home
  19. To satisfy an impulse – a basic reason behind a multitude of purchases
  20. To save money – the most important reason to 14% of the population
  21. To be individual – because all of us are, and some of us need assurance
  22. To gain convenience – because simplicity makes life easier
  23. To leave a legacy – because that’s a way to live forever
  24. To expand - because of a growing family
  25. To downsize - to an empty nest

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