Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Snow and Cold Didn't Stop This Modular Home Set

One of the biggest benefits that many modular home factories usually don't mention is that modular homes can be set in just about any weather conditions except rain and high winds. Just wait a day and they can be set. All this only works if the factories can actually get the modules delivered to the job sites.

When snow hits the East Coast, many modular home factories have completed homes setting in their yards waiting for the roads to be opened. Many factories have dozens of modules covered in snow with no delivery dates available. Talk about good news and bad news.

However, when a modular home does make it to a job site, like this one in Maryland that got 12" of snow a couple of years ago, setting the home becomes just another day at the office for Express Modular. The home was built by Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes in their Selinsgrove, PA factory.

Here are some pictures of the two day set. In the last picture you will notice a site built home next door that was started in December and was still open to the elements and it looks like nobody has worked on this house for days. Wonder where all the snow that blew into the house will melt to? The wood sub-floor maybe!

Notice that this house is getting a hip roof

Site Built House Next Door Standing Empty. Notice that no contractor has been there in two days and the front door and some windows have been left wide open to the snow.

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