Sunday, January 26, 2020

What Builders Didn’t Know About Modular at IBS 2020

Contracted to work the Express Modular booth at IBS this year gave me a really unique chance to hear what people said about modular housing.

For those unfamiliar with Express Modular, it is the only nationwide retail builder of modular homes and this year it launched Express Modular Franchising.

Playing on the large TV in the booth was a very impressive ‘Winter’ house set showing a custom modular home being erected in the snow in just one day. Many people stopped and watched the short video.

It was amazing to see their reaction to a real modular home being set. You could almost guess which ones were site builders. First they watched the video, then they tentatively approached one the the Express Modular people at the booth and asked “what did we just see?”

It was if they didn’t believe what they saw. Many of them, like most new home buyers, thought modular and manufactured were synonymous. The truth is setting them free!

You could almost see them wanting to know more.

Developers also stopped and watched the video but had a slightly different reaction. They saw time savings and to them, that meant money in the bank.

That one video converted a lot of people at IBS.

On the last day I took the shuttle back to my hotel and seated directly in front of me were a couple from Nevada that looked exhausted after three days of walking the show. He was a new home builder and his wife was a real estate broker. After introductions, I asked if they were modular home builders.

Not only were they not modular builders, they didn’t really understand what modular construction was. The rest of the ride to the hotel became a “Modular Housing 101” course.

We exchanged business cards and they’ve already emailed me asking more questions.

Just proves that “Modular” isn’t as widely understood as we think it is. I guess I’ll just have to try harder!

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