Wednesday, February 19, 2020

27 Year Old Brit Building Modular Empire

Joseph Daniels is unlike anyone you’ve ever met in the world of real estate and construction.

Joseph Daniels

At the age of 27, he has already been backed by one of Europe’s richest families and a hedge fund titan, met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss tackling the global housing crisis and built houses on two continents.

He wants to turn his company, UK-based Project Etopia, into the Tesla of housing, by which he means building high-quality, affordable homes that create energy rather than putting carbon dioxide into the air. It may sound overly ambitious, but then you factor in Daniels’ background.

He became homeless for the first time at 15, and has been homeless on four separate occasions. His mother had mental health issues and his father was physically abusive.

He has no formal educational qualifications, but taught himself disciplines from thermodynamics to electrical engineering to architecture, and has invented or co-invented technology that is now being put to use in the smart, energy-efficient modular homes his company is building from two factory sites in the UK.

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