Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A Recap of the Latest MOD X Tour

Professors Ivan Rupnik and Ryan E. Smith are co-founders of MOD X, a knowledge management company that offers exchanges (tours) of modular locations throughout the world.  Coming off of MOD X Northwest, with tours of Katerra mass timber factory, a Katerra job site, citizenM hotel, Cubix Othello multi-family modular projects, Ivan and Ryan are preparing to take participants to Japan (May), Scotland (June), and/or Sweden (June) this year.  The goal of this effort is to build capacity and capability in offsite volumetric modular construction worldwide through knowledge sharing. Rather than going to conferences and listening to talks alone, MOD X takes the interested parties to learn in the factory and on the job site.

The full itinerary of these visits in the spring and summer and how to register can be found at: https://www.modx.network/exchanges

Below is an overview of the Northwest Exchange held February 5 – 7, 2020.

MOD X Northwest tour of the Katerra Mass Timber factory in Spokane, WA.  250,000 square feet of highly automated equipment for lumber storage, measuring, testing, sorting, planning, laying, pressing, cutting and loading.  The factory is at half of its capacity now with their own development projects alone and working to increase external demand.

MOD X Northwest tour of the Catalyst Building in Spokane, WA is the first Katerra mass timber office building in partnership with Mckinstry Development.  This 125,000 square foot 5 story building is all wood, walls, floors, roof and stair/shear cores. Impressive and beautiful, clean and quiet.

MOD X Northwest tour of citizenM Hotel in Seattle, WA was incredible.  Mortenson Construction and Gensler Architects shared their experience in realizing this project with hundreds of mods manufactured and shipped from Poland through the Panama Canal to the Seattle Port. Structural steel where each mod is a room that was prefinished sans linens in the factory. Two more citizenM hotels are being planned by the team in San Francisco and Los Angeles, however modules will be manufactured by CMIC in China this next round.

MOD X Northwest tour of Cubix Othello in Seattle, WA is the third multi-family modular project designed by Jackson Main Architects with NexGen Housing Partners who is a developer and builder.  Modules were manufactured by Metric Modular in Vancouver, BC. This scale and building type is responsible for much of the permanent modular growth in the US currently.

MOD X Northwest Symposium with talks and discussions around challenges and opportunities, lessons learned, and growing a regional modular network through partnerships and knowledge sharing.

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