Monday, February 24, 2020

A Unique "Thought of the Day"

"Given that modular construction companies often are making products that also could be considered buildings, the line is blurred as to whether these firms are contractors, subcontractors or manufacturers. In some respects, they are all three, leading to confusion when it comes to project roles and responsibilities."


Anonymous said...

This is exactly why when something goes wrong at a modular house jobsite, the factory always gets dragged into it even if the problem is obviously one created by the builder.

We try to cover ourselves from liability but both the builder and the customer point fingers at us simply because they assume we have deep pockets.

Bill Hart said...

Why don't you train and screen, screen and train youre potential builder-dealers you choose to sell to in the first place? Perhaps.. a-ni-muse mfgr..that might help you avoid such situation, ...before.... they occur! BH

Kevin said...

Many years ago Independent Retail Lots for Manufactured Homes were dotting the landscape of almost every region of the East Coast and today they are scarce to say the least. They sold and setup new homes with the consumer having minimal, if any, access to the Manufacturer, the old inner web has changed those days in that if its out there you can find it. In many ways they were a sub-contractor.

Not sure if everyone can see my thoughts in this old vision, however the Retail Lots of yesterday and the Retailers and Installers have left us for a change in how homes are sold and how they are set by sub-contractors and not the Retailers themselves in most cases.

We have replaced Retail Outlets with Builders that are use to blaming the manufacturer of any product for its failure regardless of whether its on a Modular, Manufactured or Site built home and the access to the Manufacturer of any product has become more transparent and accountable.

I purchased a Double Wide Home in the seventies and I had no one but the Retailer/Installer to reach for issues and I built a Modular Home two years ago and I had two independent companies to seek relief if something occurred. In some cases it was the builder, and in some cases it was the Manufacturer or Product Manufacturer as in appliances, etc. Communication and Education of the Consumer as well as the Builder needs to transpire and place in writing UPFRONT who is responsible or who will warrant the HOME regardless of who maybe at fault. The consumer is in the middle, they need a definitive outline of who will address issues, not a blame game a direct link regardless of whom maybe at fault for a failure.

Its a house, stuff happens, just fix it and stop blaming anyone.