Thursday, February 6, 2020

BoKlok Expands into the UK with 400 Modular Homes

BoKlok – the partnership between IKEA and Skanska – has agreed its first three locations in Worthing, Bristol and Peacehaven to deliver 400 new homes.

The company has already built over 12,000 homes in Sweden, Norway and Finland and last year announced that it was looking to expand into the UK market.

The joint venture has signed off locations with the relevant local authorities at the three locations, all subject to planning approval. Some of the 400 units will be available for private sale, others will be sold to those local councils and housing associations.

Boklok uses modular, off-site timber frame construction and the homes are fitted with IKEA furniture and fittings.

For the Scandinavian market units are assembled at a plant in Estonia. For the UK market the company announced last October that it was in talks with local suppliers, although it has not yet confirmed if anything has been formalized.

Their apartments will continue to be assembled in Estonia for all markets but houses will be built in the UK.

Shanska is already in the US and a Boklok expansion here is almost inevitable. The question is will they build them overseas and ship them here or build new 'state of the art' factories here?

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