Sunday, February 16, 2020

Finland Modular Company Plans New Factory in US

Finland’s turnkey construction company Admares plans on launching its first North American development, a 10,000 square foot commercial property in Brooklyn, New York.

Admares' Modular Factory in Finland

The construction project will be executed via the new modular construction technology developed by Admares, called Building 4.0, and is in partnership with Porsche Consulting, a global authority in industrial processes and manufacturing.

Inside the Admares Modular Factory 

Building 4.0 technology allows Admares to complete nearly 100% of the modules in a U.S.-based factory, with a very small percentage of the above grade building actually completed onsite.

The development is located at 58 Grattan Street, in the heart of the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. In addition to the elevator-serviced commercial space, it will also include a ground floor retail space featuring double height ceilings, a terrace, and three floors of up to five commercial loft/studios.

Admares plans to build a new modular assembly factory, which was designed in cooperation with Porsche Consulting and is planning to break ground during 2020 and be completed in 2022.

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MARK WILLE said...

Do you know who is building this for them or where there factory will be built?