Wednesday, February 19, 2020

S2A Modular Begins Hunt for Factories Across the US

S2A Modular has launched a nationwide search for locations to build eight MegaFactory facilities to build their new type of modular homes and projects.

"With two S2A MegaFactories already under construction, we're immensely excited to begin the process of selecting eight additional sites to build our next eight facilities – which will create hundreds of jobs and help stimulate local, regional and state economies," said John Rowland, president and co-founder of S2A.

"Electrically self-sufficient and smart #GreenLux residences and commercial buildings have created a wave of excitement globally – driving a future that's no longer reliant on old and antiquated energy grids, costly and slow construction techniques, old property value models and high energy bills. The demand from real estate developers and customers is massive – and we look forward to bringing our manufacturing facilities to various regions that would benefit from both a MegaFactory, as well as the new homes and commercial buildings constructed there."

According to the owner, #GreenLux buildings are setting a new standard in the industry with high-end design and materials, faster construction speed, tailor-made premium features and "surplus energy income" (Net Zero) – which may even result in the utility companies paying residents and companies for contributing energy to the grid.


Anonymous said...

As far as I know, S2A doesn't have any factory operating at the moment and all it seems they are doing is holding investment parties trying to raise a ton of money for something. They have no track record and no experience running any type of factory.

Not sure if they will ever build a factory. Something very fishy here.

Anonymous said...

Attention: watch this video and see if this is sounds very similar to a Ponzi scheme.

Anonymous said...

Gary, I'm sorry. This appears to be a spoof on you. They don't have two mega factories started. They have been showing videos and pictures of factories that they don't own or have any relationship with in their ads and videos. Please don't set the industry up for embarrassment by promoting/supporting them!

Lance said...

Listen guys, I'm the CDO of S2A. Throwing out "ponzi scheme" and "fishy" and "spoof" from anonymous commentators is not appreciated. I think maybe we should figure out what we're talking about first? I designed the plants, the cranes, I designed all of the houses. It's certainly real. We are including investors to join us, but nothing is stopping us from eventually being one of the major builders in the world in modular construction. I apologize if that model tells you it's a ponzi scheme. To me, it's just good business. We are currently building projects through partners and developing new solar roofs and storage systems. I personally worked with the low voltage lighting company that developed our lighting systems. We have a 60 house Village moving along among those. When we ramp up to full towards the end of the year, we will be running and building multiple plants starting in the West and moving East. We've put together an amazing team so we will be very happy to prove to you what we're about soon. Thanks Gary.

Bill Hart said...

Good news Lance! So perhaps the negative comments would subside if youd post here a short list of your teams names and also listing some of their prior relative experience in industry. BH

Coach said...

Lance, I agree with Bill Hart about giving everyone something about S2A. Please send over some pictures of the progress on the factory(s) under construction and maybe a few pics of the houses on the production line.

I would be happy to publish them quickly in an article about S2A.

That would go a long way to dispel any negative rumors.

Tom Hardiman said...

Or Gary, you could not allow anonymous posts when they are critical of others. Its one thing for a person to want to remain anonymous while talking about certain policies, or practice, or opinions they may not share with their employer.

I don't know Lance at all, but these anonymous comments border on slander, and your blog is facilitating it. You are allowing others to share negative rumors anonymously. If you want to criticize someone, put your name on it.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the presentation. The presenter is very liberal with his facts...and implies they are already building homes. Ask the tough questions. What is modular construction experience? Ask to see the projections...and you will see wildly optimistic projections that have minimal chance of being met. Investors can put money wherever they choose...but they should be investing based on facts...not fantasy.

Harris - Finish Werks said...

I agree w/ Tom H: back off the negative presumptions. It does no good for our industry, and it certainly doesn't help S2A, whatever they may soon become.

It's typ human behavior: into the abyss of misunderstanding goes insecurity and defense. But hiding behind anonymity is even less reason for you to "save us all" from your warnings because, well, you're hiding. If you are going to Monday-morning-quarterback, do it up front and with facts.

QUESTION: will S2A utilize the typical factory/builder relationship whereby any qualified builder can buy from S2A and resell (whether custom, spec, development)?

John DL Arendsen said...

If this company is legit I'd like to speak with them. They mentioned opening plants on the West Coast. We're in San Diego and have been looking for a Modular factory to open in this area. I'm a general & manufactured home contractor, manufactured home dealer, real estate broker, developer, property management company and investor. We are looking for good local products to represent in SoCal. Perhaps even invest in. I'd love to see some of your models and business plans for facilitating your factories. I'm free to fly anywhere anytime to check out anything you may have underway.


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