Sunday, February 9, 2020

Successful PA Modular Home Factory For Sale

The old saying in Real Estate is “Location, Location, Location!” and it doesn't get any better than this.

This well established family owned modular home factory is located only 70 miles from the Metro DC/Northern VA market and only 3 hours from the fast growing Pittsburgh, PA area. If that isn’t an ideal location, nothing is.

The factory is 46,000 sq ft of conditioned space with another 5,000 sq ft of offices. 14' x 60' modules are produced regularly but it can accommodate up to 15'9 x 65'.

This successful modular home factory builds some of the finest homes on the East Coast and has been for more than 53 years. It’s buildings and equipment are well maintained.

This factory has produced over 300 homes a year but can easily be converted to affordable housing, commercial and dormitory module production.

There are no encumbrances on the factory so it can be acquired quickly. Present management willing to assist during the transition period.

Modular builders looking to begin building their own homes, modular factories looking for an additional factory to serve the DC Metro area or an investor looking to own a modular factory close to the fastest growing housing market in the East will want to know more about this.

Contact Bill Murray at 252-432-5896 or for more information about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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Deb Canfield said...

Wouldn't it be great if a woman owned company bought this factory and showed the boys how it can be done.