Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Texas Modular Factory Boxprefab Begins Project in Houston

Houston-grown partnership completes innovative pilot program promoting affordable housing

An article in InnovationMap by Emily Bost Feb 3, 2020

For families who want to live near downtown, Houston's affordable housing deficit in and around the Inner Loop is no secret.

For thirty years and counting, Houston-based nonprofit Avenue has confronted this reality by creating affordable housing opportunities and comprehensive community development programs for families in Houston neighborhoods.

"One of our chief objectives is to help stabilize neighborhoods and give opportunities for people to stay in the neighborhoods by providing moderately-priced homes," says Robert Fiederlein, Avenue's senior director of real estate development.

After an audit of Houston's Northline neighborhood revealed the community's affordable housing shortage, the Avenue team began to explore various methods to deliver new construction to the community, through sustainable housing at affordable prices. Research of diverse construction methods led Avenue to the innovative solution of prefabricated family dwellings.

In their effort to find a smart, sustainable alternative to traditional construction, Avenue came across BoxPrefab, an innovative off-site construction company that produces precision-built prefabricated homes from design to completion.

BoxPrefab's sustainable-oriented attributes and efficient processes checked all of Avenue's 'must-have' boxes and the two entities kicked off their partnership with their premier pilot program for modular home development.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that certainly looks like a moderately priced home!

Boxprefab said...

The comment above is correct - the images pictured above are not from the affordably priced home and were not part of that article, so we understand your confusion! To see the moderately priced home the text refers to please click on the link to read the original article or here on our website https://boxprefab.com/projects-mcdaniel/
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