Monday, March 23, 2020

Canadian Modular Factory Inundated with Calls from Around the World

As hospitals and health organizations around the world scramble to make space to treat patients with COVID-19, two local businesses have joined forces to present a solution.

Sprung Structures, the Calgary-based modular building company known for erecting disaster relief structures in High River in 2013 and for building Tesla’s Model 3 production facility in California in 20 days, has been overwhelmed with calls this week.

“We’re getting calls literally from everywhere,” said Jim Avery, vice-president of Sprung Structures. “Everybody is calling, saying, ‘what can you do, how fast can you ship?’ They are looking for everything from drive-thru testing facilities to hospital beds to auxiliary waiting rooms, even call centers.”

Helping them in the process is Falkbuilt, another Calgary company that outfits structures through digital component construction. In this case, that means filling Sprung structures with things such as hospital beds and ICU units.

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