Friday, March 27, 2020

Coronavirus Prompts Rising Worker Anxiety

Across the country, construction crews are wrestling with what it means to be essential during a public health crisis. Many states in shutdown mode have carved out building as a key business, one that’s necessary to keep the economy moving, to provide Americans with shelter and to ensure that structures including hospitals can be maintained and expanded.

New York and Illinois, for example, deemed construction essential. Pennsylvania shut it down, with some exceptions. In many states, construction companies are trying to figure out where their projects stand while parsing broad stay-home orders and lists of critical businesses.

An argument can be made under the order that anything is either essential or is an exemption.

Major contractors in the region said they’ve implemented measures to keep workers safe. Some owners and developers have quietly halted construction and sent workers home. Others are struggling with staffing, as workers call off sick or walk off sites.

Several contractors said they’re having a particularly difficult time finding and keeping workers who handle interior jobs, like drywall or electrical work.


Anonymous said...

alot of states have considered construction & manufacturing "essential" which has led my employer to believe modular construction is essential. Im curious if other modular companies are going on this belief?

Anonymous said...

Re Anonymous: In PA Residential and Commercial construction was in the Non-Essential column.

Tom Hardiman said...

Not now. PA factories got the green light to reopen.

Brad said...

Thank you Tom for the update. As long as everyone practices safe social distancing, the workers should be OKAY.