Wednesday, March 25, 2020

East Coast Modular New Home Builder Shares COVID-19 Situation

The response to my email asking modular home builders and factory owners what is happening to their business during the COVID-19 crisis has brought another builder sharing his situation.

Message from “Anonymous”, an East Coast Modular home builder:

We are dealing with many situations in our area including but not limited to: 

Townships are closed so not permits or inspections are taking place thus bringing construction to a complete halt.

Other townships are not allowing you in their offices and have mailboxes to put paperwork in.

They let it sit for 48 hours before looking at it. They are not answering their phones or returning emails so we have no idea of what is going on.
Professional offices (architects, engineers, etc) are working with skeleton crews thus bringing the process to a slow down.

Vendors and subcontractors have fear of what they can do and what they can’t; most don’t have the cash flow and reserves in good times for any hiccups to occur and with this it is devastating to a lot of the workforce members.

Modular factories are shut down and not producing.
With this situation making the construction industry climate almost impossible to make progress we are doing everything we can to make sure when the faucet is turned back on we are ahead of the curve and ready to physically proceed with construction.

We are getting all of our ducks in a row on estimates, permits, filings (great time to do a “cleanout”), advertise, set up protocol to streamline the processes to get moving quickly, etc.

We have all said to ourselves during many workdays, “if only I had more time I would do…..” to make things run better or more efficient. Well everyone we ALL have more time-focus and use this time to make your company more efficient for when this is in our wake we can all come out better and stronger than when this journey started.

Our company is mostly working remotely but do have a few hours a week in the office with adhering to all proper social distance protocols as well as disinfecting our office weekly.

In my younger days I was a very risk tolerant person but as life would have knocked me down a few times, getting older and having a family I have become much more of a conservative person. We have done very well over the years and always put monthly money away as a “wartime” cash reserve instead of buying second and third homes, larger boats, etc.

We will look back when this is over and be fine but I worry about a lot of my industry friends who are not as fortunate. This is going to be the most financially challenging situation any of us will have to face in our lifetime.

Hopefully in the near future we can work together as an industry to help any individual or organization get re-motivated as simply as providing an ear for a quick phone call; and if we all take this attitude we will get through this together.

I wish everyone and their families safety and good health. God bless you all.

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Julia said...

I could not of said this better. This is exactly what is happening with us also.
Please everyone be safe while we all get through this.
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