Friday, March 13, 2020

How Coronavirus is Impacting the Housing Market

Stocks are tanking as the virus spreads. Will housing follow?

By Jeff Andrews for CURBED Updated Mar 11, 2020, 4:15pm EDT

Few homes look their best in the dirty grays of late winter, which is, in part, why homebuying season coincides with the arrival of spring. This year, however, the crocuses that can make a house look that much nicer are showing up alongside the less reassuring news of a virus circling the globe.

The rapid spread of COVID-19—more commonly referred to as coronavirus or novel coronavirus—has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. It’s already claimed more than 4,000 lives. Major events and conferences are being postponed or canceled, corporations are telling employees to work from home, and the stock market has dropped more than 15 percent since February 24.

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1 comment:

Murr said...


This is some scary shit going on. Honestly, I am scared. This epidemic is affecting everyone. Heck, the local Wal-Mart is out of toilet paper and the diarrhea is not even a side effect. What gives?

I sure help every thing rebounds quickly once this virus is under control. Hopefully the interest rates stay low and encourages families to build.

Stay safe and keep washing your hands.