Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What Modular Home Builders Must Do Right Now About COVID-19

I contacted several modular home factory owners yesterday and read many of the public announcements from other factories concerning their efforts to help contain the Covid-19 virus.

Every factory owner and GM is working hard to keep things running as smoothly as possible even while Governors in many states are shutting down businesses, forbidding meetings of more than 10 people and telling everyone they should stay home.

Modular factories are temporarily stopping Open Houses and Factory Tours as well as having as many non-production line workers work from home as possible.

But what do new modular home builders do if the modular home that had been scheduled for delivery is postponed or their customer’s quotes and plans are delayed? What about scheduled service at a customer’s home or meetings in your office to go over purchasing a new home from you?

There is only one thing every builder MUST DO!

Contact your customer and let them know what is happening at the factory plus changes you will be implementing for your business and ASK THEM what they would like to see happen. Some may not even want to meet you face to face for a while or have the factory or your service people in their homes.

Be respectful of what they want and if it’s possible, try to accommodate their wishes as none of us has been through anything like this before.

Sending out an email, a text or talking to them on your phone just about every day will show you truly care about them and will help keep things from flying off the rails later.

Prayers to everyone for a safe conclusion to this crisis and special prayers for all the nurses, doctors and caretakers that must go about their work like normal.

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