Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Scotland Shuts All ‘Non-Essential’ Construction

The Scottish Government has said all non-essential construction work should stop immediately due to COVID-19 concerns.

According to new guidance, only projects delivering facilities dedicated to battling coronavirus, repair and maintenance of “critical infrastructure” and “essential public services” should remain open. The guidance comes two weeks after first minister Nicola Sturgeon said construction sites should be closed.

Examples of essential projects listed by the government include works at children’s hospitals in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as road, rail and utility repairs.

The Scottish Government said in a guidance note that the construction sector and its supply chain is “considered a non-essential business sector”, except when supporting these essential types of work.

Homebuilding, schools, offices and retail construction projects were listed as sites that should close, with operations needing to be shut down “safely and securely”. The government added that exceptions to the immediate shutdown could be made if a site could safely finish work within five working days.

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