Thursday, April 9, 2020

Simplex Homes Adapts to COVID-19 Shut Down with Podcasts

One of the biggest obstacles for the modular home industry to overcome during and after this virus is communicating with employees, builders, set crews and the builder’s customers.

Sure, everyone uses email and now many are using video conferencing and pre recorded videos but very few are doing Podcasts which is actually a great way to keep everyone informed.

Instead of dedicating a large block of time to watch a live stream or even watch a pre-recorded video, the Podcast is something you can listen to while you’re working on something else. Multi-tasking!

Now Simplex Homes in Scranton, PA is starting a Podcast on a regular basis and this one is the very first one. The two voices you’ll hear on this inaugural podcast are Dave Mertz, VP of Sales and Marketing and Pat Fricchione, CEO of Simplex Homes.

CLICK HERE to listen to their first Podcast talking about what they are doing during the COVID-19 crisis. Good job guys!

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Anonymous said...

Good Podcast. I wish other factories were doing this,